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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hi! Ladies.

I would like to sincerly apologise for the lateness in choosing the winner of the Magnolia Magazine.

Life has been hectic since my birthday. Between me and my dad we take care my mum who has not been able to do as much for herself since coming off the life support machine. She is a very demanding lady. My dad has been having problems with circulation in his legs and we have been waiting news as to whether he needs his toes amputated due to an infection. He hasn't had it easy as he spent most of his child hood in hospital because of no ankle bones. But after numerous operations he now walks miles with his dogs or when rabbitting and he loves fishing. So this has been a worrying time for all of us. The week prior to him being rushed into hospital he lost his sister. She wasn't very old. In her early fifties. So life has been really hectic with me crawling into bed exhausted at the end of the day with So little time to blog or post anything new.

Good news is my dad is due for an operation this Thursday and they will not have to amputate. I am due for the same operation in two months time for varicous viens. I spend too long standing when crafting. Lol

So I will now post this and then choose the lucky winner of the magazine.

Thank you ladies for being patient with me at this extremely busy time of my life

Love and hugs
Julie x


alethea said...

wishing all your family the best!! you are all in my thoughts!! You worry about your family first your blog can wait as long as you need it to, I'm sure all your followers will understand!! xx

sandra said...

You don't have to apologise for life get in the way.
First comes first.
Just hope your dad will be fine.