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Monday, 9 November 2009

Stamp Something...for Jaimie

Stamp Something...for Jaimie

Brilliant blog hop - click link to find out more. Share words of hope for jaimie and her dad. Make a card and send it to Jaimie cates C/o Month Vernon firestation
                                                      Man street. Mount Vernon. Nh03057

What a wonderful blog hop but sad the circumstances behind it. I cant imagine what jaimie and her dad are going through. Their lives changed forever but they will feel the love and compassion that is world wide for them through this blog hop and the cards they receive. I have made a card and will be posting it today. Here is wishing Jaimie and her dad all the strength and love they need to get through this ordeal. God bless them both

I read that jaimie likes martial arts so made this card with that thought in mind. Hope she likes it.

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