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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pearl Tree's and Magnolia fans

Good Morning Ladies.
 Have you discovered Pearl Tree's yet? If you haven't I bet your wondering what I am talking about.

  Pearltrees is a way of helping you to organize the web – visually.

  Pearltrees is a new visual bookmarking tool that utilizes a mind map-like interface to help you to organize your web page shortcuts in a much more intuitive way than the typical browser bookmark list.

 It also enables you to connect with other users who share similar interests, which places it in the same camp as other social bookmarking tools.

But Pearltrees is different – very different.

 Before I can explain how it works, we first need to get a bit of terminology out of the way:

 Pearl: A pearl represents a link to a web page.

 It’s more than that, however. It’s an interactive object that you can move around your visual map.

 You can also share it with others who “pearled” the same content and discuss it.

 Pearltree: A pearltree contains other pearls

. The closest analogy is to think of it link a folder that you can use to store pearls/URLs.
 Like a folder, you can expand and collapse it.

 I have created a pearl tree Connecting All Magnolia/tilda challenges.

You can scroll through each challenge and through each member of the design team with a click of the mouse.

This will save you lots of time, giving you more time to craft.

Check it out and let me know what you think.
 magnolia card challenges 

hugs julie


1 comment:

paperpapier said...

Oh! This is so wonderful..!! Have not heard it before. I signed up for it and 'pearlized' your magnolia challenge pearl.
Thanks Julie for the awesome introduction to this useful web gadget!
Heaney xx