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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lucky Me......

Good Morning  Ladies, Crafters and Friends.

It has been a while since i have done some crafting or blogging, so grab yourself a cuppa and some chocolate biscuits as you might be a little longer than you are used to. I do hope I haven't lost any followers.
To the dedicated followers that I do have I  apologize for not posting anything recently. No real excuses except for losing my Mojo, having health and family issues and using my laptop. What a nightmare!
 I decided to wait until i found a time that was good for me to sit and blog as my feet haven't touched the ground since the work was done on the outside of the house.

 My Laptop was so slow. It felt like I was trying to run my hard disc in a bath of thick custard. It took for ever to start up and every time I tried to do anything it would either slow down to a crawl or stop and the  internet explorer would shut down on me.
I couldn't use Google Chrome at all.

On Occasions I used my son's laptop when he was out and the speed was awesome and I used his i pod touch, to read and comment on blogs.I have been so tempted to purchase an I pod for myself. But then I thought to myself it is okay for a toy to play with but its not for everyday blogging.. It is too small.

I know February was a month of love but I wasn't feeling very romantic so I didn't create any cards. I love to share Love at anytime of year especially in February but this year I was feeling more wounded than loved. (That's a miserable story that I wont share here today)I should have made some birthday cards for February and March but could not get motivated. But I will share with you a picture of a gift I have purchased for myself. this is The first expensive gift I have ever bought myself that wasn't for the home or everyone's use.

lenova Desktop Pc

 Even though My youngest Michael had to use it on occasions until his need power supply arrived. And I have two friends occasionally visit and use it to catch up on their facebook. I am pleased to say that now that novelty has worn off the PC is solely mine.  So I have no more excuses for not blogging. I can't believe it is April already. I am not sure what happened to march, it has come and gone and nothing to share.

In February I celebrated becoming a year older and  planned to celebrate it alone. I thought that this way I couldn't be disappointed or hurt.  Last year My ego was bruised and my pride dented when I didn't receive a Birthday card from my family or friends. So this year I planned to spend it at home pampering myself. My plans got changed when my Eldest lad and his girlfriend decided to call to visit. I ended up cooking a meal for them both. I received a card from my mum, my step dad, my brother David and My Youngest son Michael. And to make the evening more special My brother Anthony brought me a card and that was an unexpected surprise as I haven't seen him in years. A close friend of mine send me a card and so did her son, My ex-boyfriend. Another surprise. So all in all it turned out to be a good day. Although I will confess I don't really want to celebrate getting older......

I am finding it difficult to come to term with the age that I am to the age my health makes me feel, to the age I feel in my mind and heart. And believe me there is a huge gap between all three.

The computer is currently in my kitchen but I know I must sort my craft room/office before anything gets spilled over it. I ruined two laptops that was sitting on top of each in the past by knocking over a cup of orange juice.I have actually made a start on my craft room, and with a bit of luck I should hopefully be crafting again in a few days....

So are you curious what has been taking up my time?

for the readers that have not got bored and have got this far, thank you and well done for staying awake.Please continue reading to find out what I have been spending a lot of time doing......

 the first site responsible for my procrastination is  Facebook. 
I have been Playing games against my son when we are not at war with each other. And it doesn't matter how hard I try I cannot come near his score on games such as

Diamond Dash. My highest score is 646,049.
My son's highest score is 875,919.
He has been first in this game ten times and I have yet to come close to first.

Collapse! Blast 10,283,100
and my son's all time score is 34,114,84

Facebook is very addictive. I remember when I first visited facebook it consumed all my time. But luckily I got bored with it and carried with other interests. It is coming to that point again the games are becoming repetitious and no longer stimulate me. So here is hoping that I find my Mojo and start my Crafting again. I have recently contemplated selling all my Crafting materials. Although I am usually organised I do find the crafting materials take over the downstairs making it looked cluttered. As I suffer O.C.D. it drives me nuts. I also spend more time organizing my materials than I do crafting. or should I say i suffer C.D.O in alphabet order the way it should be.....

Have you discovered Pin Interest yet?
If the answer to this question is No! I will have to respond by saying...
O My Goodness! You can't be serious.

 Head over there straight away and check it out! A wordd of warning this site can seriously affect your getting those chores finished today. this is also another addictive past time. So! You don't believe me. Let me know what your thoughts on this  pinboard-styled social photo sharing website.

Here are a few of the things I have pinned. If you want to see more of my boards please take a look and if you like them come follow me or Pin to your board. The boards will show you what type of things interest me or the style of things i like and you must view my wonderful collection of boots

Let me know what interests you and if you have any pinboards yourself. Thanks for reading.I would love to know you have popped by, so let me know and I will come and visit you.
Happy crafting.
Hugs Julie

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paperpapier said...

oh..glad to hear you are still around in the blogland..it has been quite some time since your last post.
I haven't been on Facebook very much but spend a lot of time on Google Reader reading about 200 posts daily from all the blogs that I followed. I spent too much time reading post rather than crafting or even starting housework....blogging is sooooo..addictive for me.
Wishing you a belated happy birthday and hope everything gets smoother.
Heaney xx