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Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Challenge - The squirrel and the fox...meet .the animals from Charlie's Ark.

New challenge - The squirrel and the Fox


Challenge Anything goes

Toppers -  Charlie's  Ark http://www.charliesark.co.uk/

Charlie's Ark is about a five year old boy and his toy-box, in the shape of an ark, in which he keeps his many animals that all come to life in his imagination (or do they?) A rainbow is always associated with an ark and that is why all the animals that "live" in the ark have rainbow top-knots, manes and tails.

One never sees Charlie's face, or indeed that of his sister Sally, which adds to the air of mystery.
Created by award winning Illustrator Mike Payne and Illustrated by Adam Pescott & Mike Payne.

You really need to see the wonderful, and cute animals that live on the ark. Each animal has a unique poem which tells you all about their character. Visit Charlie's ark to see these adorable animals.

Charlies  Ark - Topper

In charlie's Ark, there is a panda called Matt
He is a little tubby but not too fat
A friend to Millie, they get on well,
But will love Bloom? Time will tell.

Heart, rose and Mouse topper

Close up of Ben
In Charlie's ark there is a mouse called Ben
Things that you tell him you repeat again
He is quite forgetful, that is a shame,
You see a little mouse has a little brain.

Close up of Matt.

I wanted to share different ideas, using basically the same image... ( Well the image is different but it is the same size...)
Hope you like these cards and find the website fun.

Happy Crafting.
Hugs Julie

There is a magical rainbow in the sky
The colour's are special, Let me tell you where why,
Pink is for caring, Yellow is for giving
Blue is for sharing, Green is for Living,
Lilac is for Loving, so it must be True,
This rainbow is alive, in both me and you......


Cor* said...

Lovely distressing. i adore the soft colors!

sandra said...

Thank you for telling us all about Charlie's ark.
Those toopers are so adorable.
Love soft colours and details you aded.

Harriet said...

These cards are super cute! :) Harriet xxx