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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Candy to celebrate the success of my son's exam results

Good Afternoon Blogging Friends.
                 Have you missed me?
                 Did you notice I had gone.?
                 I bet you didn't lol
                Too busy crafting eh! Lol

Due to health issues I have done very little blogging.
On Thursday of last week I had a migraine.
 My own fault for not getting a repeat prescription.

Friday, I mislaid my camera andI  spend the whole day looking for it.
Phew! I found it!
But I overdid it and now I am now paying the price. My foot is badly swollen and I have cellulitis.

 Basically the skin on my foot is hot to touch but i feel like its frozen. i cannot get  a sock, shoe or slippers on. I cant even get my son's size eight shoes on. So going to the hospital this afternoon is going to be fun... Lol.

As i predicted I couldn't get my shoes on so I wore these.

I turned a few heads!!!
 and they turned a few heads for sure and raised a few smile's too

Boy Haven't we had a lot of rain and strong winds. Part of my garden fence has been blown into ruin's and this weather, it has blown some tiles off the roof. On Saturday night, Well actually it was early hours of Sunday morning, I got a fright of my life when the heavens opened and the rain had come through my bedroom ceiling and soaked  my bed. 

This leak was reported in july, due to a small leak I had back then.
 But now it has runs along three quarters of the bedroom ceiling.
I am just waiting for the whole ceiling to come down.
I decided I would try to inspect the damage by going up the attic. There was a small problem with this idea I cannot put any weight on one foot  So i decided to go up the ladder backwards. After I located the leak i couldnt get back down from the attic for the fear of falling, As you need to put weight on your feet to get onto the ladder.If you had been here all you could have done was to laugh. What a sight for sore eyes. Lol The council have planned for the roofers to visit next week. The leaking roof was fixed sw

Well, i did manage to get down, obviously for you to be reading this. Lol
I managed yesterday to take a few photo's and so now I can share what candy i have for you

I am so sorry for the lateness but i hope you think its worth the wait.

The candy will include

Christmas Toppers

Toppers, Snowflakes,snowmen,santa,angels,baubles,stockings

example of topper

Backing Paper

example of backing card

Blank cards


A box - contents include Silhouette crafts - a technique book and pattern book

25 sheets of silhouette paper
16 printed silhouette mats
4 custom die-cut frames
10 classic white mats

A Paintbrush/pencil holder. (I use mine to hold my copics)

To win this candy you need to become a follower
Post a picture of my candy on your blog
Add your name to Mr Linky
Please Leave me a comment.

For every 5 new followers I get I will add a stamp

and Please post a link to any of crafty creations that you have made using candy you have won here on my blog.

Thanks for viewing my blog and good luck

Hugs Julie.

Candy will end 23rd October. I have chosen this date because I have two celebrations before this day. My oldest lad's birthday is at the end of this month 23rd and if my dad was still alive his birthday would have been on the 24th of this month and its my youngest son's birthday is on the third of next month.At the beginning of this month was my step dad's and my nephew's. Last week was my ex-sister in laws and today is my Ex- husbands.  Happy Birthday Jason.....

Good luck to you all
Happy crafting



paperpapier said...

So sorry to hear about your swollen feet and the struggle that you are going through. It must be very very painful and discomfort for you at the moment and really hope that you will find effective medical aids to your current health problem. Admire your strength to face the difficulties in your daily life. Hope to hear good news from you after seeing the doctor and hopefully, your leaking roof problem is being look into immediately.
Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome lots of Christmas yummy candy..! Posted the picture and link on my candy side bar.
warmest regards,

Larisa said...

Great giveaway! I linked it on sidebar
Thanks for the chance!
Hugs. Larisa. xx

sandra said...

Hope that you feeling much better now and that your feet are not swollen anymore.
And I hope that you have fixed your licking roof.
However I'm glad that you managed to get down the ladder.

I'm glad that you like my work with papers I used from your candy.
You are more then welcome to display anything from my blog.

As I see you have lot of Birthdays those days.
I wish them all lot of health and happiness.

Your candy's are always amazing!

Take care!

Moni said...

Hi, hope you are feeling well now. Congrats to your son! Fab candy you are offering. I am your follower and added your candy on my sidebar of my blog. Hugs,moni

Syderscrap said...

You do crazy things just like me, I can see you climbing up the ladder backwards, checking the roof and then saying - how in ..... am I going to get down. Going up was easy.
I do hope your foot is on the mend now and keep on wearing those lovely slippers.
I wish I could wear slippers like that, but it is just to hot here in Oz to wear such lovely cozy slippers. Back home in NZ I had a pair of ducks feet - bright yellow!
Thank you for visiting my blog and showing me yours. You hae some lovely pieces and I will be visiting regularly.
I have put a picture of your candy on my blog and linked it back.
All the best - you proud mum

Creative corner with Nina said...

Nice candy, I like it!!!

Harriet said...

I love the slippers! I used to have Bunny slippers but they dont fit me anymore :(
Thank you for the chance to win some amazing candy and
Hope that your feeling better!!!!
Harriet :) xxxx

Rosalee said...

Sorry to hear about your feet...cute slippers. Hope you are feeling better. And many congratulations to your sons. Great giveaway to celebrate, I'd love to have a chance.
Hugs, Rosalee

khushifairy said...

i dont think the topper and backing paper are looking good or clear. while taking pictures, do chech the light and set proper angel.

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