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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sweet 16 and in Love

Good night to all you crafters who are in bed, and Hi! to anyone awake.
(its now the afternoon of another dreary dark day - But i did start the post late at night)

My youngest son Michael  is a Hopeless Romantic and recently he had a falling out with his girlfriend. He cried and boy didn't I cry too. It hurt me as if it was happening to me. I could not believe how much it hurt to see my son hurt. I so wanted to give him a hug and a magic kiss like when he was little and take the pain away. It was so much easier when he was a little boy to give a kiss and make it all better. But I couldnt do this - because all the hugs and kisses i could give wouldnt take the pain of a broken heart away. All i could do was hug him and tell him it was ok to cry and if he wanted to talk i was here for him. I told him to go and visit some friends and we would chat later. I was so emotional I was of no use to him and afraid of saying all the wrong things.

We talked later that evening. He made up with his girlfriend and

He is in Love again.
He just celebrated his anniversary with his girlfriend. They have been together for six months. Ah bless! I think its so sweet. I remember when I was sixteen and hopelessly in love and believed in forever.

As my son is still in school, he doesn't have a lot of money so He asked me to make something for his girlfriend.
I didn't have a clue what to make, and didn't want to make anything that looked tacky

but then  I remembered

..........While out shopping one day, he picked up a small book of poetry and said 'Wouldn't this be nice if there was nothing written in it,so I could write what i liked in it for lauren' and he put the book back on the counter.

So from this trip to the card shop I got my inspiration.

Image cut from a Wedding evening invitation

Because this image was cut from an evening vintage style invitation I am unable to get a clearer picture because it kind of looks blurry on the invite

One Double sided piece of 12 x 12 was folded in half and each half was folded in half again

Then the paper was turned and the same folds were made. (Hope this is clear in the picture)

The Paper was cut in the middle up until the last fold
and then turned around and a cut on each outer fold was made, again only up to the last fold (See Picture)

one square was folded onto the next square

The Vshape is then glued together

After the three squares are glued together bind the end of the book. (I used masking tape)You could use anything that you think will keep the book together and looks decorative.


I then made some tags that were inserted into opening of some of the pages

Picture of tags sticking out from the book

Butterfly tag

Third tag. This tag had a ring attached to it.
Tag two - true Love

She loves this book. My son also bought her a Dvd - a classic - Dolly partons as she loves this actress.  It was a good day we all had fun.

Here is wishing my son and his girlfriend many happy memories together

Hugs x from me to you both x

I have decided to enter this into the following challenges: - Anything goes




Arline said...

Ooh this is beautiful! Thanks for your kind words on the Christmas Crafting challenge blog....hope you will join in and have fun!xx

sandra said...

Oh,I remember when I was 16 I thought that love will last forever and 6 months were like 6 years.But when love is gone thought that it is the end of the world.Ah,sweet 16.
I'm glad that they are back together!
And love your book.
Great details!