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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Boy, O boy, O boy - Blogger is doing my head in today

Hello crafters. Hope your all having a good day and blogger is not giving you any trouble. Aftert having the recent problems with blogger I thought all the gremlins in the works was now sorted. Well, if they are, they managed to find their way back to my blog.

I can't comment on anyone's blogs at the moment as soon as i do , it takes me to the create a blog account. Here I have to sign in and then it will take me to the message I had written. I press send and back around in circles I go. Then I lose what I have written. I can't join any blog hops either.

I have been trying to post a few cards since 6.30am and now it is 12.25pm.

If this post doesn't go through as post published and I am taken to the draft page again, I am going to see if my laptop is like a boomerang. If I throw it out of the window, I wonder if it will come back? Lol

You can design your own over at the oriental trading company. Maybe I should get one with An Australian tilda printed on it. Lol. Only joking! If i threw it, it would probably come back and hit me in the head. Could knock some sense into me.... enough of my waffle

I do apologise ladies for being a grouch, but I am not the most patient of people when it comes to problems with my laptop. Grrrr!!!! I get so frustrated especially if I have a lot to do.

Fingers crossed.


Well, it publishes a post and then I am logged out again. I still can't send messages. Sorry ladies. Thanks to everyone who has left me messages on my blog. I will get back to you eventually. Hope you all have a great friday, and that you find to do some crafting. I will catch up with you all later.

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