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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Good Sunday morning ladies.

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I would like to Thank all you lovely ladies who sent good wishes for my dad in his operation and recovery. The operation was successful and there was no need for any amputation. Our prayers were answered.

He is due home tomorrow. He can't wait. I hope he is pleased with the revamp his house has had while he was in Hospital. Fair play to his sister who has worked very hard to get his home decorated and clean to help him rest when he gets home.

But on a sad note, one of his dogs managed to get out of the garden, and got hit by a car. She didn't stand a chance and was killed outright. The driver didn't even stop to see what he had hit.

I bet his other dogs have missed him. I will be glad for him to be home as he constantly phones to check on my mum. If he dont get an answer, he wants me to run down and see if she is okay. I know he is only worried as he normally checks on her in the morning of each day. But it's not like she lives around the corner.

My Psychiatrist asked me once did I ever think I had super powers. I said no but I think my parents think I have. Lol

I would be so lost without them. Due to me not taking care of myself last week, I have woken to a head cold, and sneezes.Hold and cold sweats, Runny eyes and a headache. Any type of smell is making me have a sneezing attack. Crafting is hard work. Just as I am cutting a card. I sneeze then Ooops It's no longer a straight piece. But I am pleased that I have managed to put a card together even though my eyes are streaming. Check my next post to see the card I made to thank the hospital staff for taking good care of my dad through out his surgery and in the aid of his recovery.

Hugs Julie

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paperpapier said...

glad to hear your father's good news. Wishing you joyful days ahead.