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Monday, 17 January 2011

Sunday sensation from Magnolia-licious

In order to be eligible for this wonderful prize, all you need to do to enter the drawing is leave a link to your blog below at the little BLUE FROGGY (or your email address in a comment if you don't have a blog). There are NO requirements or rules and you do not need to be a follower or even put information on your blog about the opportunity if you don’t want to. Of course, it would be appreciate  greatly if you would help Magnolia-licious to spread the word on your personal blog about SUNDAY SENSATIONS!!!!

Remember the closing for SUNDAY SENSATIONS from Magnolia-licious is at midnight EST each Tuesday and the winner is announced on Wednesday

ADMENDMENT TO POST. Click this link to go to http://jacquesmagnolias.blogspot.com/2011/01/sunday-sensations-from-magnolia-licious_16.html
and you will find the little blue froggie. Leave your  name and some love.


alethea said...

Hi! there is no blue froggy to enter the Magnolia sensations sunday so just commenting !!! Love your blog, am already a follower!!

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