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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Really blue today.....Just Magnolia Monthly Challenge + Lanylere Stanglar

Happy wednesday Morning. ( Yes, I know it is Sunday, So Happy Sunday Morning)
On Wednesday my plan was to post a few cards for various challenges. The posts were written out and so all I had to do was add my photographs and continue crafting.

But no! It couldnt possibly be that simple.

Tuesay I used my camera, before visiting my Mum and my neice. I had taken photographs of all the cards that I was giving out on Tuesday.  But where did I put it.? I was sure that I left it on the dining room table. But It doesn't appear to be anywhere in sight. So the search continues.....

Sadly I was soon to discover that I had not misplaced it but infact it had been stolen.  So not only have my camera been stolen but I have now lost a friend of twelve years. I am gutted.

So now without a camera, I dug out the leads for the scanner and decided I will try to use that instead

Today I would like to share with you A card I  had made for the MAGNOLIA MONTHLY CHALLENGE

A - for Anything goes
B  is for Buttons and the colour Blue.

And although the challenge is over I still would like to share it today with you.

I was also going to enter this card into the challenge over at MAGNOLIA-LICIOUS HIGHLITES
They had a recipie challenge.

Recipie:- 4 Flowers
               2 types of pattern papers
               2 magnolia images
                1 Ribbon.

and while I am on a roll I thought I will also add this to the Magnolia stamp lovers Challenge as the card is the colour blue and magnolia is thinking :- I am blue without you....... but when i re-read the instruction I realise i can't enter this card either as I have not followed the pattern as a they asked so I will just show you my followers and friends.

But I think it is okay to use it for the JUST MAGNOLIA challenge.

The challenge is to use your favourite things. I am using the last of my favourite paper, and my favourite ribbon. I am also using my favourite colours and I do like this image.

THANK YOU for popping by and viewing my posts and cards.


TanySol said...

Beautiful card!!!!
Good luck on challenge!

LittleNasty said...

Wonderful card!!