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Friday, 1 January 2010

Copic colour challenge

The copic colour challenge for all copic addicts. I have recently started to buy copic markers and I must say I love them. I can't wait to buy some more. Over at the copic marker's blog they have a colour challenge and the challenge is to use the above three colours. unfortunately I don't own all the colours required but I did use 
B93 Light crockery blue, b45 smokey blue, G000Pale green, Bg34 Horizon Green. R00 pinkish white, Yr61 Yellowish skin white and Yg00

Here is my card. It is a Good luck in the New year card

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Doodle Queen said...

I LOVE this card. The coloring is wonderful :-) I have read through your blog and I love all of your pictures ad stories! Also, thank you so much for adding my "Karen's Doodles" Blinkie to your blog :-)Have a wonderful and Happy New Year, Julie!
Hugs to you, Karen :-)